From 1960’s to 2020’s

This was a full reno, just like a brand new house! The renovations only took 2.5 months and ended up looking great. This house is now under a rent to own contract to a wonderful couple.

1 Unit to 2

This project was perfect for us and a great way to add value to the property. We turned the bottom two floors of a 4 level split into a legal suite. The upper unit was already tastefully decorated and wasn’t much to do there. Now both units are rented to great tenants!

Fourplex Flex

This was our biggest project to date. This fourplex even had an original unit from the 1970’s that had never been renovated! Unfortunately we didn’t take many pictures but we can still show the improvement made. One of the main appeals to this property was the fact it had a HUGE lot. We were able […]

Value Add Proposition

This was a great project overall! By adding a legal suite to this house we increased the cashflow and in turn the value of it. Two great tenants are now enjoying the newly renovated suites.