Value Add Proposition

This was a great project overall! By adding a legal suite to this house we increased the cashflow and in turn the value of it. Two great tenants are now enjoying the newly renovated suites.

Sweet Suite

After putting in this suite for other purposes we actually ended up AIRBNB-ing it, to great reviews. We were quickly one of Grande Prairie’s superhosts and enjoyed the experience.

Paperwork Pays Off

This was a unique deal in that we never actually bought it ourselves, rather we were the middle man. The seller’s were happy we solved their problem and the end buyer (my brother!) got a great deal. Everyone loves a win/win!

Highland Park House Fix

This was one of our very first projects. The original plan was to put a legal suite into it but we ended up just updating the upper floor. One unique aspect of this was that we took the one LARGE bathroom and split it into a normal size full bathroom and a separate ensuite for […]