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About Us

We are a growing family owned real estate investment company based out of Grande Prairie, AB. Since 2016 we have been adding value to properties through many different ways, whether it be adding a secondary suite, renovating complete houses or increasing land value through the city permitting process. We take pride in finding great deals even when market conditions are not as favourable. By using proven methods learnt through continual courses and menotrship, we have been able to signifcantly impact ours and our investors’ lives. We love being a part of the solution for our investors aspirations.

Investing For Freedom

Our goal has always been to buy back time, for ourselves and for our investors. By creating opportunities to put our money to work for us, we make it possible to do all the things in life we look forward to; fishing with the kids, vacation somewhere hot, golfing in the mornings… the possibilities are endless.